Junior School Learning Commons

At Southpointe Academy, the Learning Commons functions as a collaborative environment designed to facilitate, support and enhance our learning community. As a space housed physically within the Hodgins Library and virtually at our Learning Commons website, this information hub is our school’s focal point of inquiry. With the support of Teacher Librarians, a Library Technician, and our Educational Technology Specialists, the Commons accommodates a collection of over 7000 print resources, as well as mobile laptops, iPad carts, and Chromebooks for student use. Furthermore, our website provides a virtual database collection and a variety of toolkits for student and teacher support. The mobilization of IT-based streams of learning imparts students with the technological proficiency to be successful learners in the 21st century.

The Learning Commons is designed to be the hub of community learning with the vision to:

  • Facilitate community engagement and inquiry.
  • Promote print and digital literacy to empower lifelong readers and learners.
  • Cultivate an environment for collaborative teaching and learning.

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