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Alumni Profile: Amrita Sunner

Alumna Amrita Sunner (Class of 2015) talks about her extensive work with mental health and wellness. 

I’ve always been motivated to help others and be involved in something I care about so much. Mental health affects everyone in one way or another and it’s my goal to spread awareness to as many people as I can so that everyone can find the right resources and learn how to help those struggling with mental illness. I was in Grade 11 when I realized I want to work in the mental health field and use my knowledge and experience to help others as best as I can. Southpointe allowed me to find what I am passionate about. If it hadn’t been for Mrs. Downie I wouldn’t have been able to pursue this avenue. She not only helped me promote mental health within the school, she got the Peer Listening program initiated as well as the Diversity Club. Southpointe allowed me to be a part of these groups and gave me a sense of what mental health awareness in a community looks like. I’m thankful for that.

I am now in my third year at UBC studying Psychology. I work with Safewalk on campus and I am also currently volunteering at the Canadian Mental Health Association doing data entry for their “Living Life to the Fullest” program. It’s a cognitive behavioral therapy based program open for anyone in communities all over Canada. I will also soon have an article published on mental health in one of CMHA’s mental health magazines called Visions. After graduating from Southpointe, I was a part of the Youth Mental Health Association in Vancouver where Sarah Vaugh-Jones (Class of 2015) and I were “Mental Health Network Leaders”. Through the initiative we got a chance to meet with high school students from all over the lower mainland on a monthly basis to brainstorm how to promote mental health in our respective communities.




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