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Alumni Profile: Austin Hendy

Austin Hendy graduated from Southpointe in 2013 and is currently attending the University of Victoria.


I remember when the new Southpointe building opened and I excitedly walked with my class to our newly built School – it is one of my fondest memories! Southpointe has been one of the main influencers in my career; it was Mrs. Kirkwood who suggested I study Computer Science, while Mr. Ross and Mrs. Sirotic were great math teachers and Mrs. McMartin taught independent studies where I was able to get hands on experience building a computer.

I have had a lot of wonderful academic and professional experiences since graduating from Southpointe. I got an Entrance Scholarship to University of Victoria, where I am currently studying Computer Science with a co-op option that allows me to focus on work-terms and internships. My main academic interests are distributed systems, machine learning, and programming languages. Along with my academics, I have been able to have a thriving social life in U.Vic. and have made lifelong friendships with people who I lived with in university residences.

I also worked and lived in the Silicon Valley for 6 months during internships at Pinterest and Facebook. Though I joined their teams as a Software Engineer intern, I was fortunate enough to have done the same work as full-time employees in both companies. At Pinterest I worked on the stream platform and distributed machine learning team. At Facebook I worked on the Connectivity team which aims to provide connectivity to rural areas that traditional service providers do not.



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