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Alumni Profile: Declan Hodgins

Declan Hodgins (Class of 2015) is a 3rd year student at University of Western Ontario and is planning on completing two undergraduate degrees; in Business and in International Relations.

I started 1st year bound for Political Science, with the intention of using it as an avenue for getting into the Ivey School of Business. However, during my first year, I discovered International Relations (IR), an advanced interdisciplinary program that combines history and political science with an international focus. I decided to register for IR going into 2nd year, and fell in love with it! Not only did I the love the program but the people in IR as well. A few of us got together over this past summer and decided to start our own academic online journal, featuring interesting and insightful articles from students providing real opinions and analysis about International Affairs. For 3rd year, I was accepted into the Ivey School of Business, which I am now attending with the intention of completing two degrees in five years: one in Business, and one in IR.

I have also gotten involved in a number of extracurricular activities that have enhanced my education. In 2nd year, I was a residence Sophomore as well as the Residence Council President in Perth Hall, one of the first year residences. Perhaps most importantly, I have had considerable involvement in Western Model UN, serving as Assistant Head Delegate in 1st year and Secretary General in 2nd year. I was responsible for planning and attending external conferences as a delegate for Western, as well as planning our own internal conferences that we hosted. Now in my 3rd year, I am serving as Model UN Club President, representing over 200 club members. I have been able to leverage my interest in politics as well by getting involved in politics at the Student, Provincial, and Federal levels.

To read Declan Hodgins’ academic journal, click here


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