Everywhere and Always

Amadeus Sandhu

Everywhere and Forever: Amadeus Sandhu

“It was hard to understand, hard to get someone to understand me.” – Pavel Datsyuk (retired NHL superstar)

Throughout my nine years at Southpointe Academy, I was a hockey enthusiast but a humble student. If one was to compile my report cards into some sort of program, one of the most frequent comments would read something like this:
Amadeus continues in his quiet way to be an excellent student who is producing work of high quality.”

I graduated from Southpointe Academy in 2012 and the University of British Columbia with a Bachelors in Sciences in 2017. I am graduating from UBC with a Bachelors in Education this July 2018. Having coached more than a dozen hockey teams over the past five years, I reconnected with Sandy Kwok-Swan, Southpointe Faculty Member, and Southpointe to once again represent my school – this time as a Coach and alumnus. Placed as the bottom seed, we accomplished the seemingly impossible in becoming the 2017 Delta High School Ball Hockey Champions. Coaching has enriched my maturation not only as an educator but also as a human. As passionate as I am for hockey, I have become just as passionate for understanding the people behind the jersey.

During my time at UBC I also worked as a high school tutor. Both tutoring and coaching have taught me that each learner learns differently; hence, there is no best way to educate. An educator must use an ever-growing collection of diverse techniques to unlock the potential in as many learners as possible. The community at Southpointe was able to do this for me. They were able to listen, understand, and connect. These were all factors that inspired me to pursue my passion in becoming an educator. It is a passion that is built upon the pillars of risk and reward. The idea that every learner has potential and I may hold the key to unlocking it is something extraordinary. As an educator, coach, and Southpointe Academy alumnus, I have been enlightened by the following words of Ernest Hemingway, “I like to listen. I have learned a great deal from listening carefully.” I believe our youth are the gatekeepers to a successful societal future. Educating our youth will only come from understanding them, and to understand them, I will continue to listen to them – everywhere and forever: Ubique et Aeterna.

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