Junior School Arts

The Arts inspire creativity, demand dedication, and promote collaboration. Structured outlets for creative expression allow students to think differently, to push the bounds of their imagination, and to discover talents they may not have known they possess.

At Southpointe Academy, we take the fine and performing arts seriously. We value their fundamental role in sharpening key cognitive skills, in facilitating personal growth, and in yielding articulate and confident young men and women. In accordance with their PYP education, students in Kindergarten through to Grade 5 acquire the foundation necessary to develop talents in the fine and performing arts.

Whether or not our students select an art elective at the Senior School level, or pursue a fine or performing arts degree during their post-secondary education, we will have given them something they will keep for life: core artistic skills, the confidence to express themselves, and a fuller appreciation of their creative capacity.

Visual Art

The Visual Arts program focuses on developing visual literacy. Beginning in Kindergarten, our young artists gradually study the elements and principles of art design. From a study of line, to patterns, through to image development strategies, students accrue technical abilities each year such that as they grow, they constantly connect concepts and amalgamate their skills. Students are not only challenged to take creative risks but to learn to appreciate the artistic process. To be a successful artist, one must get excited about what they do.

Through a continuing partnership with the South Delta Artists Guild, Southpointe students have an opportunity to learn from and collaborate with established artists in the community. In addition to formally scheduled art instruction, students are encouraged to join the Art Club and attend drop-in sessions. Each April, the Junior School showcases the fruits of their imagination. We invite you to come and take a look.

Performing Art

Drama and theatre enables creative exploration. From Kindergarten to Grade 5, students begin to open their creative self in harmony with their respective PYP units of inquiry. Students then embark upon a program designed to improve oral communication, impart confidence, connect emotionality with the body, and edify live interpersonal skills. Through an array of transformative exercises, students learn to be articulate both in thought and speech. Acting necessitates peer co-operation and requires personal responsibility. Using ‘improv’ exercises, as well as elements of classical theatre and theory, students develop as individuals.

We do acting. Through our extra-curricular theatre program, students undertake an annual major production, typically a musical at the Junior School level. Each summer, our drama department scours over a dozen plays before selecting an ideal production piece. Auditions are open; we encourage all of our students to participate.


Southpointe Academy, musical instruction is delivered as a serious discipline. As with our other fine arts offerings, choral training commences in Kindergarten as part of the PYP. Using the Kodály Method, our program imbues basic music literacy: oral musicianship, vocal techniques, aural training, history and concert presentation. As students move through the program, they calibrate their tonal centre, review musical structure and assign musical theory to memory.

In addition to winter and spring concert recitals, our choir performs at seniors’ homes, community events and during school assemblies.


With a strong foundation in musical theory, our students begin instrument training in Grade 5. Using the clarinet and symbols, these students master the fundamentals of musical notation before moving on to a formal concert band setting and selecting their own instrument the following year. Concert bands perform age-graded, classical pieces from new world symphony to Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture to Johan Bach to scores from major motion pictures.

Our ensembles not only collaborate within the classroom, but they must also learn to work together on the road. All of our bands travel and compete. In the past, Junior School ensembles have performed at the Whistler Music Festival, Seattle’s Music in the Park Festival, and the Kiwarnis International Festival. Our bands not only perform at our Winter and Spring Concerts, but they are given the opportunity to showcase their skills at school assemblies.

We invite you to attend a concert, theatre performance, or art show – we know you will be as impressed with their talents as we are.

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