Junior School Experiential & Outdoor Education

Project Discover

Students require challenge and change outside of their traditional school environment. They must depart from the comfort of their daily routines, initiate a process of self-discovery, and engage in co-operative learning with their peers. Some bonds can only be forged and learning experienced beyond the shelter of the classroom.

We believe that outdoor education is a necessary for a holistic education. At Southpointe Academy, all students in Grades 4 through 12 are required to participate in Project Discover, our experiential education program. Through a range of age-graded activities – camping, hiking, canoeing, ecological studies, marine studies, and caving – students not only attain a broader understanding of the world around them, but gain an appreciation for British Columbia’s spectacular natural surroundings.

Project Discover is based on the following guiding principles:

  • Challenge. Our program pushes students to challenge their perceived limits – be they physical, mental or emotional.
  • Connection. Each trip is fashioned to mirror classroom learning objectives, meeting provincially determined learning outcomes, while presenting an opportunity to connect with the natural environment.
  • Growth. Students have a chance to discover and refine their own strengths and goals. Our program is designed to impart technical outdoor skills that are developed and built upon through a gradual learning progression. It emphasizes and grows life skills: meal planning and cooking, healthy living habits, decision-making, problem solving, personal responsibility, and peer-collaboration.

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