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Alina Husain (Class of 2017)

Lifer Profile: Alina Husain

 Lifer Alina Husain (Class of 2017) attended Southpointe from Grades K through 12. She tells us what Southpointe and being a Titan mean to her…

Southpointe means home to me. It has been my second home for the past 13 years of my life. Although over the years, teachers have changed, students have come and gone, but the support I received from Southpointe has never changed, in fact it continued to grow more year by year.

I feel like I have been preparing for my future with Southpointe since day 1, after all it is a university preparatory school. From Singapore math, to having the chance to take honours and AP courses, I have constantly been able to challenge myself. From this, I was able to prepare myself for the challenges that I will face in the future. And mostly, Southpointe has taught me about accountability. Being accountable for yourself is probably the most important thing that I have learned for the future.

Southpointe has given me some incredible experiences. Hands down, the international trips have been one of my favourite memories at Southpointe. Having the chance to travel to France and China with my friends was an unreal experience! Being able to see other parts of the world and other perspectives was unforgettable. Also, having that extra week off in winter break was an added bonus because other schools don’t have it off!

One of my favorite things about being a Titan is the ability to make our school known. Often times when I tell people what school I go to, they don’t know where it is and they ask if I mean another school! Being a Titan means I can make my school known and it makes me proud to know I’m doing my small part for Southpointe just by being an active Titan and telling people about it.

 Content may have been edited for length and clarity.