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Cole Hendy (Class of 2017)

Lifer Profile: Cole Hendy

 Lifer Cole Hendy (Class of 2017) attended Southpointe from Grades K through 12. Cole was also recently featured as one of the 2017 Titans to Look Out For in the Spring Alumni Titans Newsletter.

It’s hard to imagine that next week my 14 year Southpointe career will come to an end. Like the yellow walls at 1738 to the slightly-less yellow walls at 1900, I have come full circle. I remember watching the grads being piped in, and no matter how many times Mrs. Quenville told me, my little second grader brain couldn’t comprehend that one day I would be introduced as part of “The Graduating Class of 2017”. And now that that day has come, it’s a bittersweet end.

It will be tough to move on from the only school I’ve ever known but even tougher to forget the amazing memories I’ve made with my tight-knit group of friends. Southpointe has not only been a nurturing place for me to develop as a student, but has allowed me to pursue my passions outside the classroom; from contributing to our ball hockey as goalie and winning the league title, to playing Anton Chekov on our stage, to being conducted by Disney’s music producers.

Overall, Southpointe has prepared me as a student and as a person to go on and study next year at UBC’s Sauder School of Business while playing on the varsity field hockey team. While I’m extremely excited to call myself a Thunderbird, I know I will never forget my time as a Titan.

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