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Meghan MacKenzie (Class of 2017)

Lifer Profile: Meaghan MacKenzie

Lifer Meaghan MacKenzie (Class of 2017) attended Southpointe Academy from Pre-K through Grade 12. In 2017, she was nominated as one of the “Titans to Look Out For” by her teachers.

Southpointe has been my home since I was 4 years old beginning in the Pre-K building providing me with fourteen years of amazing experiences, stories, and memories that could fill a novel. I still remember all the good hiding spots in the hallways of the old school, spring fairs, running from one building to the next in the dead of winter, and now appreciating all the amazing tools and spaces in our new school. I grew up with sports teams and clubs that enriched my education, and arguably the best part was being a member of student council. Many of you may know that one of the highlights of my high school career has been science fair and that love in and outside of the classroom has inspired me to pursue an education in Environmental Engineering. Whether leading Student Council, coaching developing young swimmers, performing a field study in a ditch or tackling community and global initiatives, I am inspired by the world around me. Southpointe has given me the opportunity to support, develop and build positive trusting relationships while acting with compassion and kindness. It is the love and guidance from our teachers, peers, and family that instilled in me our core values. A Southpointe Titan is who I am…Everywhere and Always!


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