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Trevor Yu (Class of 2017)

Lifer Profile: Trevor Yu

Lifer Trevor Yu (Class of 2017) attended Southpointe from Grades K through 12. A brilliant all rounder, Trevor was also recently featured as one of the 2017 Titans to Look Out For in the Spring Alumni Titans Newsletter.


My time at Southpointe has been one of many diverse experiences. Over the past few years, I have been able to partake in Outdoor Ed, Athletics, Student Council, Art, Theatre, and Band in non-academic fields, and I have also had the opportunity to challenge myself in the classroom, by taking all three Science courses offered in Grade 11 and 12, along with 3 AP Courses this year. I enjoyed the variety of different things Southpointe has to offer, not just in the things I do but also the unique environment of having life-long friends from Pre-School all the way to new students who have just joined in the past few years.

Outside of school, I enjoy a quieter life of reading, playing video games, and playing piano, the last of which I have completed an RCM Level 8 exam for in 2016. Next year, I will be attending the University of Waterloo to study Biomedical Engineering, making use of my broad learning experience involving math, biology, physics and chemistry. Although it is far away, I certainly intend to come back to Tsawwassen and visit the school whenever possible!



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