Grad Panel 2018

Meet the Panelists

Meet the Panelists: Bryson Dodwell

Bryson graduated in the 2010 class from Southpointe Academy. He attended the University of British Columbia Engineering program from 2010-2011. He took the next year off to pursue his passion for music, catalyzed by being featured on the CBC Television Program ‘Cover Me Canada’ and returned to his studies at UBC in 2012. Shortly thereafter, he decided to pursue his musical career full-time. After two years of non-stop work in the studio, he decided to expand his knowledge in the area of Film and TV by attending the Vancouver Film School Sound Design Visual Media program. He graduated with honours and has since been working in the Film Industry as a Sound Designer & Effects Editor for the past two years.

His recent credits include “Reboot: The Guardian Code” and “Barbie Video Game Hero”. He continues to pursue musical endeavours with his solo electronic music project ‘The Creature’, as well as teaching electronic music production at the SAE Institute in Vancouver.


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