Grad Panel 2018

Meet the Panelists

Meet the Panelists: Trevor Yu

Trevor Yu graduated from Southpointe in 2017, and is currently enrolled in a Bachelors of Applied Sciences Biomedical Engineering Honours program with Co-op at the University of Waterloo. He has just completed his first year and was placed on the Dean’s List for his academic performance during his first term.

Outside of academics, he is a member of e-NABLE, a volunteer network of digital humanitarians that 3D prints prosthetic hands for children. He will also be the Outreach Executive for the Engineering Ambassadors in the upcoming Fall term. The Engineering Ambassadors are a group of students that arranges events for prospective students to get a better sense of the Engineering programs at Waterloo.

As he is also in a co-op program, he is back in BC to start his first work term in May. He will be working at the University of British Columbia with a professor in Electrical and Computer engineering. Trevor will be helping build cell culture systems for biomedical tissue research.

He is excited to be talking to the Southpointe Senior School students at the Grad Panel, as it is one of the events he has been looking forward to come back and speak for at Southpointe.


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