Our History

Since its inception in the year 2000, Southpointe Academy has sought to cultivate a safe and positive learning environment which prepares its students for the rigours of a post-secondary education. Attracted to the promise of a non-denominational university-preparatory education in South Delta, the School welcomed nearly one hundred students to temporary premises in September 2000.

With the intention of expanding to Grade Twelve within four years, the School enrolled students ranging from Pre-Kindergarten to Grade Eight during its inaugural session. Owing to firm support from its founding families, faculty and staff, the School was able to realize this goal. In 2005, Southpointe bid farewell to its first graduating class.

Following an extended search, the School secured a site to house a permanent facility in November 2008. The School’s governing body, the Tsawwassen Independent School Society, entered into a purchase and sale agreement with the neighbouring South Delta Baptist Church. With the support of the Church Membership, the School successfully lobbied Delta Municipal Council and, in June 2010, Southpointe obtained approval to develop its new facility. A tireless and generous parent community banded together to secure the capital necessary to complete the project. In January 2012, Southpointe welcomed over five hundred students back for the Winter Term into its brand-new 68,000 square foot facility.

Southpointe Academy has always sought to expand the boundaries of what is possible, enhancing its curriculum and extra-curricular opportunities for students. The Project Discover program develops self-reliance, decision-making, leadership and respect for our natural environment. The School’s partnerships with schools in China, Spain and France allow for student visits and exchanges around the world. From its local, community-oriented origins, it has grown to develop a truly global educational vision.

Today, Southpointe Academy remains committed to its founding mandate as a university preparatory school. Since 2005, its graduates have graced the halls of some of the most renowned and prestigious post-secondary institutions in Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom.

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