Senior School Faculty Updates

James Long – English

Mr. Long joins Southpointe as one of our new senior school English teachers. He has a Bachelor of Arts in English literature (with a minor in theatre) and a Bachelor of Education, both from the University of British Columbia. Prior to pursuing a career in education, James worked as a creative ad copywriter and manager of an arts company and actor’s studio. James’ passion for theatre provided him with opportunities to teach drama and assist with school theatre productions. It was through his experience working as a personal care aide for adults and teaching children with both physical and intellectual disabilities that led him to aspire to be a teacher.

Hubert Wong – English

Mr. Wong returns to BC from Korea to be one of our senior school English teachers. Hubert has been teaching humanities and English in Korea and China for the past 14 years, and is experienced in teaching IB and MYP courses. He earned his Bachelor of Arts in history, English and Canadian Studies from Simon Fraser University, and completed the teaching training program (PDP) there as well. Hubert also holds a Master of Education in Teaching English as a Second Language from the University of Calgary.

Denis Charlot – French

Mr. Charlot, a native of France, comes to us from Abu Dhabi where he taught French for the past two years at an international school. Prior to that, he taught in Sudan, Egypt and Japan. Denis obtained his Bachelor of Arts in Foreign Languages Applied to Business from the University of Angers in France, and both his Bachelor and Master of Education from the Stendhal University in Grenoble, France. Not only is Denis passionate about teaching IB French, he also has a wide variety of interests including krav-maga self-defence and salsa dancing, and continues to further his learning by taking Japanese lessons.

Beth Peddle – Social Studies and Spanish

Ms. Peddle comes to us from Newfoundland where she taught French Immersion Social Studies and English. Beth obtained her Bachelor of Arts (with a major in French) and her Bachelor of Education from Memorial University of Newfoundland. She then completed her Master of Arts in education from the University of Ottawa, specializing in assessment and evaluation. Beth is committed to extra-curricular activities: she chaired the committee which organized professional development, managed the Duke of Edinburgh programme, and coached basketball.

Christine Yang – MYP Mathematics

Ms. Yang brings with her 13 years of experience as a mathematics and science teacher, 10 of which were at an IB school. Technology plays a key role in her classroom, as she strongly believes that the use of technology can optimize teaching efficiency and student learning and achievement. In addition to being an IB educator, Christine is an IB trainer as well, having conducted site visits and evaluations as well as led workshops in MYP math and science. Christine earned both her Bachelor of Science in chemistry and her Bachelor of Education in Secondary Education from the University of British Columbia. She also holds a Master of Education in Curriculum Studies from the University of Toronto.

Nazam Kokhar – Physics and Mathematics

Nazam has been teaching physics and mathematics (including AP Calculus) in Vancouver since 2011, and previously taught mathematics in England for 5 years. Aside from his role as teacher, he has developed course outlines and resources for his colleagues. Nazam earned his Bachelor of Science (mathematics and physics) from the University of the Punjab in Lahore, Pakistan. He holds a diploma in Information and Communications Technology and an Advanced Diploma in business administration from the London School of Management Sciences (England). In addition, he holds a Postgraduate Certificate in Education and a Master of Arts in Education (mathematics), both from the University of Leeds (England).

Mandy Alves – Art, Design and Publishing

Ms. Alves is an experienced photography and art teacher who has taught in Ontario, New York and New Zealand. She has also worked in Peru, photographing for CARE International. Mandy’s diverse experience includes overseeing a literacy coaching program and working with students with special needs. Her goal as a teacher is to encourage and institute an experiential and student-centred environment that will enhance student success. Mandy attended the University of Western Ontario where she earned her Bachelor of Science in ecology and her Bachelor (Honours) of Fine Arts in studio art and art history. She then obtained a Bachelor of Education from the University of Canterbury in New Zealand, followed by a Master of Fine Arts in photography and a Master of Arts in art history, both from the University of Auckland.

Shauna Gravelle – PE

Ms. Gravelle comes to Southpointe as a highly accomplished athletics program director and teacher. She has led over 70 teams since 2002 as athletics director, head coach and coach in Ontario and California. She has also won a number of awards as a university basketball player.

Shauna has a Bachelor’s degree in Sport and Physical Education from Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario, and a Bachelor of Education from Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, Ontario. She believes that passion and hard work fuels exceptional performance on and off the athletic field. Shauna strives to be a positive role model and to inspire lifelong healthy habits for students at all levels of athletic ability through innovative teaching plans, intramural programs and special projects.

Clare Manifold – Social Studies

We welcome Ms. Manifold back to Southpointe after a temporary position teaching English here last year, during which she established great rapport and connections with her students. Before coming to Southpointe, Clare was a program support teacher, assisting students with every academic subject and teaching them valuable study and organizational skills. Clare earned her Bachelor of Arts from the University of British Columbia with a major in history and a minor in U.S. studies. She also has a Bachelor of Education from UBC, majoring in social studies. Clare is passionate about teaching social studies and is eager not only to share her knowledge but to inspire further learning and questioning in students.

Jose Acevedo – Counsellor

Our new guidance counsellor, Mr. Acevedo, brings to Southpointe eight years of experience as a guidance counsellor and career/college advisor – four years in Serbia, and four in Venezuela. Jose works hard to develop a sense of belonging in the schools where he works. He participated actively in curriculum and academic meetings to gain a better perspective of what students are expected to achieve. Jose holds a License in Psychology from the Universidad Rafael Urdaneta in Venezuela, a post-graduate diploma in Clinical Psychopathology from the Universitat de Barcelona (Spain), a post-graduate certificate in Systemic Family Therapy from King’s College London (England), and a Career and Work Counsellor diploma from George Brown College in Toronto. Jose is committed to supporting students’ overall development through extra-curricular activities and athletics.

Kate Quenville – Student Support Centre – Learning Support Teacher

We welcome Ms. Quenville back in a different role this year as she takes on the position of Learning Support Teacher in the Student Support Centre. Kate began teaching in 1986, and has dedicated the last 17 years of her career to Southpointe where she has taught Grade 2, Kindergarten and Drama. She has been Team Leader for the elementary grades, and oversaw the implementation of Singapore Math and the AIM French programme. Kate earned her Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and her Professional Teaching Certificate from the University of British Columbia and a Certificate in Special Education from Queen’s University. Kate has a passion for Southpointe, and through her years of teaching has discovered a strong desire for helping students who need extra assistance to reach their potential.