Senior School

Welcome to the Senior School.

We are a friendly, inclusive and academically successful university preparatory school at the forefront of developments in learning and teaching. We make sure that our practice is informed byGordonCogan.aspx the most successful schools around the world and by a growing body of educational research. In doing so, we ensure that all students are challenged and supported to become confident, successful and autonomous learners.

Our strength lies in how the school cherishes and develops the talents of every individual, whether in the classroom or laboratory, in sport, music, drama, art or in service to the wider community. Visitors often comment on the warm and friendly atmosphere and the sense of community that strikes them as they walk through our doors.

We provide the teaching, information, guidance and support to give our students the very best opportunity to fulfill their potential. We offer a secure, purposeful learning environment, with small class sizes. Our students quickly progress into motivated, independent learners. We develop and foster a growth mindset; our students become critical thinkers, encouraged to build a balance between the demands of study and outside commitments.

Nurturing and caring are strengths of our school team, with experts dedicated to supporting our students’ achievements and well-being. Time and care is spent on a timetable to suit each individual’s needs and their progress is carefully monitored to help them thrive in a friendly, academic and inspirational environment.

We offer a wide number of enrichment options for our students, such as the provision of cultural, creative, sporting and leadership activities that will develop their key qualities such as confidence, communication, leadership, mentoring, and community/vocational skills. We want our students to develop a love of learning, a desire to succeed and a respect and compassion for others – not just for now, but also throughout their lives.


Gordon Cogan, Senior School Principal

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