Senior School Global Education

As the global marketplace grows ever more interconnected, opportunities for personal and cultural development derived from student travel have never been so valuable. Participants in our Global Education Program have the unique opportunity to discover new environments, interact with local people, absorb foreign languages, and perceive diverse ways of life. Through first-hand experience and interactions, participants garner a comprehension of international relations, history, language and society.

As educators, student travel provides us with diverse opportunities to engage and inspire our students. Through collaboration with both international partner schools and student travel companies, we work to ensure that our educational objectives seamlessly align with logistical considerations. Senior School students in Grades 10 through 12 are encouraged to embark on one of our optional global journeys:


Destination Theme Faculty Sponsor
Grade 10 France
Language & Culture Deborah Dumortier
Brian Pretty
Grade 11 Beijing, China History & Culture Gordon Cogan
Liping Wu
Grade 12 Western Europe History & Culture Lynda Barton

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