Senior School Student Leadership

Leadership represents a vital component of Southpointe Academy’s mission. We believe each of our students should be afforded the opportunity to strengthen and develop leadership skills. Students are encouraged to participate actively in the school community through involvement in both informal and formal leadership roles, allowing them to harness their leadership potential.

Student Councils

Our student councils are groups of democratically elected students committed to enriching student life and leading their fellow students.

Middle Years Student Council:

Beginning in Grade 6, students can vie for a spot on the Student Council. Candidates demonstrate the qualities indicative of a leader: organization, collaboration, public relations and communication. The Junior Student Council consists of two elected representatives from each honeymoon class in Grade 6-8, representing the interests of the entire Junior School. The Junior Student Council not only engenders school spirit, but also plans and initiates community-building projects.

Senior Student Council:

In the Senior School, students and faculty jointly elect two student representatives at each grade level. Representatives speak for their peers on the Student Council, act as leaders and mentors, and run Senior School events. These can include spirit, educational, and fundraising initiatives.


Our Prefects embody Southpointe’s core values. Each academic year, Grade 12 students are invited to submit an application to become a Prefect. Following an interview process and faculty consultation, the Head of School, Senior School Principal and Student Council Faculty Sponsor select three Prefects. A Head Prefect is chosen among the three to represent the entire student body. Prefects are responsible for leading the Student Council, guiding the school community, mentoring their peers, and facilitating Senior School events. Prefects are expected to liaise between the Senior and Junior Student Councils, and to promote the interests of their peers with School Leadership.

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