Annual Fund FAQs

Q. What is the Annual Fund Campaign?

The Annual Fund is a direct appeal to parents, family members, faculty, staff, Board of Governors, alumni and friends of Southpointe Academy for financial contributions to provide for equipment and programs not funded through the annual operating budget.

Q. Why does Southpointe Academy need an Annual Fund?

Tuition revenues do not fully fund all of the expenses of educating a student. The Annual Fund Campaign revenues bridge the gap between operating expenses other resources required for strategic needs and initiatives. These unrestricted funds help close the gap between tuition revenues and the actual cost of educating a Southpointe student.

Q. Why is my participation important?

We encourage all Southpointe community members to contribute to the Annual Fund Campaign with an amount that is meaningful and in a manner that is personally manageable.

Q. Why not just raise tuition?

Tuition is raised from time to time to reflect increased operating expenses and the cost of living index. However, to meet all school expenses, the tuition would have to be set at a level that would no longer be competitive in the independent school market. Tuition is not tax deductible, but gifts to Southpointe are.

Q. Does Southpointe hold other fundraising activities?

Yes, funds are also raised through two major events. The Fall Gala is held in November, and the Multicultural Night is in February. Donors have an opportunity to donate through these events through donations, advertising and gift-in-kind contributions to the auctions and raffles.

Q.How important is Annual Giving to Southpointe Academy?

This program is vital to the health of Southpointe. Through fundraising and events, our Southpointe community generates positive enthusiasm and gathers the community together in support of our school. Student experiences are enriched, preparing them for their futures beyond Southpointe.

Q. What does my annual gift support?

Through a collaborative process, faculty, staff and the Board of Governors identify equipment, supplies and educational resources needed to maintain and elevate the student learning experience. For more information about the impact of your gift, click here.

Q. How much should I give?

All gifts of any amount are appreciated and valued. We hope that you will make Southpointe Academy a priority for your charitable giving.

Q. Can I make my gifts over time?

Yes, the Annual Fund Campaign launches in October each year, and ends July 31. A monthly pledge allows donors to budget their gift over the school year and offers continued support to Southpointe.

Q. Is my gift tax receiptable?

Yes, all gifts over $50 are eligible for a tax receipt.

If you have further questions, please contact the office at 604 948 8826 and ask to speak to the Advancement Officer.